Local Coffee Machine Preventative Maintenance


One Preventative Maintenance Credit for One Coffee Machine (Must be within 250 miles of our service areas)



Performing regular Preventative Maintenance on your Coffee Machines are as important as oil changes are to your car.
Without proper care, a machine’s health and lifespan will be greatly compromised, and can result in costly and untimely service calls.
We offer customers within our service areas a flat rate for Preventative Maintenance, which can be performed on routine cycles.


  1. Happy with the maintenance, as it will hopefully keep me from having to sink money into future service calls. Speaking of which, do not think you are paying for a service call. This is preventative maintenance only. If your machine is actually having a problem, choose a different option.

  2. I purchased one of these and this is what it consists of: A staff member will call you within 24 hours of the purchase. They will ask what time is best during a normal business day to come out to perform the maintenance. They then told me they would call the day before coming out or when they have a set schedule. It can be anytime within a three week period FYI. Worked great for us, since it was just a tune-up, but this is not a service call, and they won’t fix a broken machine on site without an additional fee. This is a coffee machine tune-up. They have an emergency service call option if you looking for immediate service. Overall I was satisfied, as I got what I paid for.

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